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Welcome to JAC Air Conditioning. We are experienced in the installation of and maintenance of all types of air conditioning systems. JAC has installed air conditioning in a wide vareity of places from shops to hotels, offices to hospital clinical areas. JAC is dedicated to providing an excellent service to all clients and all work is meticulously carried out to an exceptional standard.

We can help with all aspects of the following issues that may arrise with your air conditioning units -

◊ Not Cold
◊ Leaking Water
◊ Noisy
◊ Smelly
◊ Auto on & off
◊ Blinking Lights
◊ Takes A Longer Time To Cool
◊ Main Switch Power Failure/Trip & More

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info@jacairconditioning.co.uk | Tel: 01782 641214 | Mobile: 07811 944663
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